Health Care Decisions - It’s Complicated…

It’s time to make some Health Insurance decisions – and IT IS COMPLICATED.

 Robert Slayton of Robert Slayton & Associates, respected local ACA and health insurance expert, works with individuals, families and small businesses every day to help them navigate the health insurance marketplace.

 Robert will provide what you need: Expertise, Assistance, Specialized Tools and Advice in a series of FREE 90-minute workshops that will culminate in a hands-on, let’s-get-this-done session that will leave you feeling more in control.

 Workshops will address both On/Off Exchange Personal Insurance as well as New Options for Small Businesses.

 Workshops will be in Naperville.  Dates: 

Monday November 21st at 11:30am.  Brown bag (BYO).

Wednesday, December 30th at 9am and again at 6:30pm.

More to be announced.

 Email Peg Reid at for details and registration. 

 Strictly first-come, first-served.  Space is limited.  Open to the public. 

 Must register.

 Not a Medicare workshop.

 You’re all set?  Pass this on to anyone you know who could use the help.

Are you hovering near the 400% of Federal Poverty Level mark?

  • Time to do some end-of-year income planning.  
  • Under 400% is subsidy-eligible.
  • Over 400% means paying back any subsidy received at tax time.  Ouch!

 Have you avoided the Federal Marketplace because it’s just too complicated?

  • You may be leaving free premium dollars on the table if you qualify for a subsidy.

     Are you a small business owner/entrepreneur/sole proprietor who doesn’t qualify for a subsidy but will have at least one W-2 employee in 2016?

  • Changes to eligibility rules means you may qualify to be an ‘Employee Group.’
  • Group pricing may represent significant savings.  And there may be no contribution requirement.       Even if your employee waives coverage.




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