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Q. Will The New Site Be Mobile Friendly?
Yes, all sites come with with mobile friendly technology and applications.

Q. I Currently Have a Website and Address, What Will Happen To Them?
Everything stays status quo as we build then new site, once it's complete we switch your web address to point to the new site.

Q. How does the free trial work and when do i get charged my first payment?
When you initially sign up there is no cost. Then one month from the day you signed up you will be charged your first month's cost. You will be charged that amount that same day each month for as long as you want the website. 

Q. How Long Does It Take To Build My Custom Website?
We will have a rough draft done in 5 to 10 days..

Q. How Does The Creative Process Work?
We spend about 30 minutes talking to you about your agencies model and goals. Then we build the entire rough draft of the site, including adding content, without your guidance. As insurance experts we know what your website needs. Once the draft is complete we present it to you and then fine tune it together.

Q. What happens if i cancel the agreement?
A. Your website will be shut off, you are leasing the site on a month by month basis and do not own the site technology. You do own your web address and will be able to use that in the future.

Q. How Can I Make Changes To The Site?
You have two options, you can login to your site and make any changes you want yourself. You can also submit changes to us and we will make them within 24 hours at no cost.

Q. What Features Does The Website Package Actually Include?

Hosting, Setup, & Free Future changes to your website
Includes 30 customizable webpage's
Includes 10 customizable fill-able forms
Content and Picture Design
Mobile Website
Setup of Insurance Store page (if you want one)
Setup of Customer Service Center (Claims, Payments, Request Certificates)
Social Media Business Setup or Tuneup
Social Media Synchronization
SEO submission for Site

Q. What Services Are Available But NOT Included In The Membership?
Email Hosting
Social Media Management (Daily Posting)
Extra Customizable Web Pages
Logo Design
Private Social Media Consulting